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Travel to Central Asia

Travellers planning tours to Central Asia can enjoy fantastic gems of mediaeval architecture in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, pristine environment in Kyrgyzstan, steppes of Kazakhstan,picturesque mountains in Tajikistan regarded as roof of the world and fairy tales of each country, city or even monument.

Travel to Central Asia was always fascinating and it still amazes travellers with its history, historical monuments, landscapes, friendly people, mountains, alpine lakes, deserts and steppes. Marco Polo was one of the pioneer travellers visiting Central Asia later on Ruy Gonzales De Clavijo and Armenius Vambery visited Central Asia in middle ages.

Spanish ambassador Claviho visited the transoxania during the reign of Emir Temur when the country flourished and in his diary Claviho described the Empire in details. Armenius Vambery visited Central Asia in 17th century as a dusguised dervish because it was not allowed to visited the country for regular westerners.

According to specialists of Lonely Planet travel to 5 stans is pretty safe destiantion despite being shown as hot spot by western media. For instance, Bukhara was assigned as the safest tourist city by World Tourism Organisation.

By Dilshod Eshmurodov